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What's the benefit of a designer for a day?

Utilizing an Interior Designer may seem outside your budget. But an educated and skilled designer can help you make the correct decisions. From pulling together selections, space planning, color selection, conceptual sketches, remodeling suggestions, or furniture shopping there are a lot of decisions to be made. Don't make the mistake wasting money on the wrong items. 


What advice would you be getting? 

With a day service design many things can be accomplished. Even if you have a good eye for aesthetics it can be difficult to know what size is correct, spatial relations, color combinations, textural layering, and general coordination of finishes. Space planning is essential. Reutilizing your current furniture in a different layout, changing paint colors, freshening up accessories, adding a new rug can all change the look of your home dramatically. If you are working on a remodel and are considering new flooring, tile selections, or trying to pull options that will coordinate with items you are already in love with, that's where I come in! Selection of furnishings during the appointment is another great way to utilize the design time. A follow up email will be sent with any information that is pertinent for the client to have moving forward with their design. 


What should you do before an appointment? 

This depends on what you want accomplished. I suggest writing down what you would like to accomplish before our meeting. If you have samples you have been considering have them ready to be reviewed. The space to be designed should be decluttered and clean as possible. Have images easily available that inspire you. Email pictures to Laksmi Interiors prior to the appointment to best utilize the time we have together. Be ready to have fun too! Design should be an invigorating experience that really gets you excited for the change you desire! 


What you can expect

Be realistic with the time we have together. A 6 hour block will be allowed for Day Service Design. Expect an appointment in person at your home or business, measuring if space planning is requested,  onsite sketches of ideas, reviewing samples in home/ business or meeting in a showroom, color selection, correct lighting measurements and selections, furniture selections, accessory shopping, renovation advice, architectural design ideas, electrical placement on new builds, window treatments, bedding selections, etc. Computer drafted renderings are not included in the Day Service Design. Renderings can be provided at a fee. The appointment does not include moving furniture or cleaning a space. It is best to focus on a specific area you need help with. Be ready with the items listed above. Additional time requested for further advice will be billed separately. Please see below. 


Cost and Payment 

The Designer for a Day Service pricing includes a total of 6 hours of full design services. If the full six hours are not utilized that does not change the fee. If more time is needed the client may pay the hourly rate. Any additional hours will be billed accordingly and could include a contract with Laksmi Interiors. Payment is preferred to be sent via Papal or Venmo. Checks are accepted with a license number provided for security reasons. Payment is due upon completion of the appointment. If there is an urgency for an apt an additional fee will apply. 

Designer for a day service

If you have come this far you have only a little more to go to create the change you want and deserve in your life. Interior Design is an essential part of our lives. Your environment reflects what is going on within you. When you start to clean up, organize, and visually improve spaces in your home a new sense of self worth and pride emerges. 

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