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White Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen Design

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. We will help you:

  • Select the right finishes to echo the spirit of your home is essential in designing a kitchen that will give you the wow factor needed to feed your soul the visual inspiration to bring out your inner chef.

  • Design a custom millwork layout to ensure a proper flow and aesthetic balance. You can have the same layout with multiple different kitchen design options, but not all designs are created equal.

A kitchen is so much more than maximizing storage space. It’s the core of a home and needs special consideration.


Bathroom Design

Who doesn’t want their bathroom to feel like a personal spa? Laksmi Interiors will help you create a space that makes getting ready every morning an enjoyable experience.

Yes, everyone needs a washing station, shower, and toilet. Still, every client's needs are different, so we do the investigative due diligence to find out what your bathroom routine looks like every day. Do you curl your hair? Do you like to sit down to apply your makeup? Do you use an electric shaver or an old-school flat blade and soap bowl?

Details matter when planning these often small and intimate spaces, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that no detail is left behind.

Discover What Your Design Journey Could Look Like

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