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Spanish Gothic Revival

Scope of service: Restoration and renovation of 1927 North Hills home. Keep main elements of home in tact. The unique green faux finish walls were done by an artist flown in from Spain before the Great Depression! My client insisted we keep those in tact. To honor the home we would not change the original meringue ceilings, light fixtures, or rolled glass windows. On the interior all three bathrooms were gutted due to years of dilapidation. The kitchen was also fully renovated. The other rooms in the home were  enhanced, creating an immersive experience for visitors. This home was purchased as a gathering place for events both private and for the local community to utilize. It is a magical home full of surprises!

Explore the First Floor 

Green faux finish walls hand painted in 1929, Romeo and Juliet balconies, 20' ceilings, original light fixtures, meringue textured ceilings, Butlers Pantry, and newly renovated kitchen and powder room. 

Explore the Second Floor 

King's Suite, Medieval Unicorn Room, Labradorite guest bath, stained glass master bath, original toile wallpaper, tin ceilings, 1700's English traffic mirror. 

Photography by Bill Waldorf

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