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Residential Interior Design

With all that’s involved in building or renovating, pulling every decision together to create a home that is cohesive — without being contrived — can be quite the balancing act.

Building a dream home is all about having the right vision and the right team. Knowing who the most trustworthy contractors are, to selecting the best finishing materials is essential in creating a memorable home and design journey.


Below are crucial design details to consider with building or renovating.

Blueprint design and space planning

Consult a designer in the early stages when planning a build or renovation. All too often the finer details of a home can get lost in the blueprint development and if not caught before the framing stage, correcting any shortcomings can be costly or in some cases impossible. From establishing the perfect exterior balance with window and door placement to beautifully functional flow in how your furniture will translate in your space, going over a set of blueprints with an expert eye can completely transform your project from mediocre to exceptional.


A poorly designed layout can make a 5000 SQ home feel like a 3000 SQ FT home, while a clever set of blueprints can make even the smallest homes feel expansive. It’s amazing how even a few feet from one room to the next can completely elevate a set of plans. Our company can envision every detail of a space — from how your furniture layout will work with your fireplace and tv area, to how your widow placement will impact your level of natural lighting and drape positioning.

No detail is too small for consideration when it comes to planning the flow of your day-to-day life.

Lighting design

Lighting is the jewelry of your home that sets the tone and mood. And it is one of the most fundamental decisions when designing a space. When carefully selected, lighting can drastically change the ambiance and nature from one room to the next. It can be the cornerstone that makes your home feel contemporary or traditional, vibrant and bright or sultry, and cozy.

Poor lighting selection and placement can cheapen the look of a space while resulting in a home that will quickly date. An elegant lighting package is one that will withstand the test of time while enhancing the overall beauty and aesthetic of your space.

Knowing where to position wall sconces to accentuate the height of a ceiling to create the perfect glow in a space to selecting the correct size and style chandelier to choose in order to maximize the wow factor in your space without it being out of scale or obnoxious is essential.

And we plan switch locations, sensors, dimmers, and all of the technical in between so you don’t have to worry if you nailed it just right.

Project management

We understand life is busy and that it’s hard to know who’s who in the world of contractors and suppliers, and the ins and outs of timelines and budgets. Likewise, we know that when your project is underway, and questions arise, and guidance is needed, we are here to fill that gap, so you don’t have to.

We offer full project management for your project needs. Nailing down your design is one thing, but proper execution of your beautiful concept is a whole other task.

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