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Laksmi Lucky Lumpkin

      I was once told if someone asks you what you do never say just an Interior Designer... Tell them, "I enhance spaces to create beauty for my clients in their everyday lives." This sounded a little ostentatious at the time but it is a true statement! 



A little about me;  I have gone by the name Lucky since I was a little girl. My parents got my nickname from my first name, Laksmi. Lakshmi is from Sanskrit, an ancient language originated in India. Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Luck and Fortune. My mother wanted to spell my name a little differently so she went with Laksmi. 


      My upbringing allowed me to be very open to the variety of life which I feel is conveyed in my design work. I have always known I would be an Interior Designer. At 9 years old I was rearranging furniture and asking to change the wall colors. The art form of Interior Design has always been my passion. I am slightly obsessed with how people interact within their environments. Design to me isn't just about making something beautiful. It is about enhancing the everyday experience of how humans interact with their environment. I have been blessed to work with so many wonderful people. It is such a gift to be welcomed into a home and create environments that exceed my clients expectations.


     I have been practicing Interior Design for over a decade now. I worked with several companies and even became entangled in the corporate world. Even though I was managing taking care of my family and working for a large company I still was able to design restaurants and homes during that period. Four years ago I went completely out on my own and there is no way I could turn back now. Being your own boss is rewarding and challenging but I love it! I enjoy commercial design and have designed the insides of a bank in Turkey Creek, Foggy Bottom Condos on the Tennessee River, The Brookside event center, Sokno Taco Cantina and Central Flats and Taps to name a few. But I find that my heart sings when I design homes. I much prefer to start at the very beginning of a project. Many people think an Interior Designer should be brought in after the architect or builder has done their work. I highly discourage that! Often times things like outlet placement so a cord doesn't have to go across the floor and be exposed, or if the windows were moved 5'' to the left and right a king size bed would fit perfectly, or the consideration that you have young children but your elderly parents might have to move in, how will the house flow then? My job is to consider how you and your family move within the environment. Thinking beyond the now and anticipating how your life will unfold. Taking all of those considerations into the design is imperative. Interior Design is not decorating. It is a science and requires a science degree, believe it or not! I like challenges, I like to think outside of the box, I want to create that wow moment and element of surprise. 

    I attended East Tennessee State University and graduated with top honors.  I live in Knoxville, TN with my wonderful boyfriend Jordan and Blue Heeler named Jules. She really likes to go on site with me! I have two children. My beautiful daughter Luna who is 16 and my awesome son Gabriel who is 24 and lives in Tempe, AZ as a head security officer for events and movie sets. 

    I am always excited to hear from clients that are ready to have their lives transformed by great design. Looking forward to hearing from you :)

Photo Credit
Sarah Taylor-Roman 

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