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Laksmi Lucky Lumpkin

It's an unusual name for being an East Tennessee girl! Laksmi is Sanskrit, an ancient language orginating from India. Laksmi is the goddess of wealth, luck, and good fortune. Since I was a toddler I have been called "Lucky". I am often asked if I really am "Lucky". The truth is yes I am. I am incredibly blessed to be where I am today. I have had the innate ability to design since I was a child. Curating, painting, and reorganizing my mother's home, my friend's homes, and as the years have gone by "fixing" Air BnB's I stay in. I was a very independent child, by choice and by circumstance. I became a young mother as a teenager which forced me to grow up fast. My son Gabriel has been such a blessing to me despite the growing pains of having a baby so young. Prior to my pregnancy I left middle school enrolling as a homeschool student. At 17 I started college. It was difficult having a young son and pursuing my dream. But, once I entered into Interior Design classes I excelled. It is truly my gift to design. I am blessed to have known it from an early age. Before I graduated from ETSU, magna cum laude, I got married and had my second baby, a little girl we named Luna. By my mid 20's I had two children, worked full time and was completing my bachelors degree. In my last year of college I got my first big design job. A whole room addition and kitchen remodel. I had already been designing rooms, entries, small bathrooms, etc but this was the beginning of my career. At 25 life was starting to take shape. But plans rarely go as we had hoped. I graduated in 2008. As most of you know, it was a terrible year to be released into the workforce. On top of which I was newly divorced. Lots of change all at once! Over the next few years I gained knowledge by working in a tile store, high end furniture store, then eventually becoming a rep for a high end Italian Leather company. That led to a trip to Milan for training which was an exceptional experience. I then entered into the high end world of carpet and rugs traveling three states to cover my territory. It was a hard job, but I learned so much and made a lot of friends along the way. All the time I was still designing; banks in Turkey Creek, show homes, restaurants, historic homes in 4th and Gill, mountain homes, event centers, you name it. It blows my mind how much someone can accomplish if they really want to. I now own a home in West Hills, have an amazing boyfriend Jordan who is an exceptional ceramic artist, a blue heeler named Jules and two absolute mind blowing kids that I am more than proud of. Gabriel is currently in Texas as head of security for a major TV series. He intends to get his grip license and will be part of Hollywood's film union. My daughter Luna is excited for her next phase of life turning 18 in June 2023. So, yes I am Lucky. I am healthy, happy, have a beautiful home, a supportive family and friends, and a big beautiful garden. I run an amazing company that I am proud of. I am now 5 years strong as an independent Interior Design Studio. I thrive in design. I hope to learn your story. My goal is to always ensure my clients feel that they did "Get Lucky"!

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