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Modern Interior Design


Room by Room Design

Utilizing an Interior Designer may seem outside your budget. But an educated and skilled designer can help you make the correct decisions. From pulling together selections, space planning, color selection, conceptual sketches, remodeling suggestions, or furniture shopping there are a lot of decisions to be made. Don't make the mistake wasting money on the wrong items. 


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Maybe you just need or want to start with a single room in your home. 
Room by Room Design Service offers the ability to focus on a specific special place in your home. Even if you have a good eye for aesthetics it can be difficult to know what size is correct, spatial relations, color combinations, textural layering, and general coordination of finishes. Space planning is essential. Reutilizing your current furniture in a different layout, changing paint colors, freshening up accessories, as well as adding a new rug can completely change the look of your room. 

What to expect
This depends on what you want accomplished. I suggest writing down what you would like to accomplish before our meeting. If you have samples you have been considering have them ready to be reviewed. The space to be designed should be decluttered and clean as possible. Have images easily available that inspire you. Email pictures to Laksmi Interiors prior to the appointment to best utilize the time we have together. Be ready to have fun too! Design should be an invigorating experience that really gets you excited for the change you desire! 

Before our meeting a phone call will be scheduled to review your hopes and dreams. The design process will include; Measuring for space planning, onsite sketches of ideas, reviewing samples, color selection, lighting measurements, furniture selections, accessory shopping, renovation advice, architectural design ideas, electrical placement, window treatments, soft goods, art selection, rugs/carpet etc. Design Boards will be made for client to review before commencing design. Computer drafted renderings are not included in the Room by Room Design. Renderings can be provided for an additional fee. Room by Room Design fee is determined by the size and scope of the project. Room designs start at $2,500.00. Room by Room Designs are not intended for kitchens or bathrooms. Additional time or advice requested for other areas will be billed separately.  

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