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First Floor

An inspiring reception for all who enter

Everyone who enters immediately looks up to admire the grand room. The original dark green walls were a gift from the husband to the wife when he flew in a faux finisher from Spain in 1929 before the crash. The green walls were not to be changed per my clients request. Honoring the unique elements of the home was imperative to my client. Only a few rooms were fully renovated due to disrepair. The main features of the home were kept intact.

Unique spanish house green wall living room North Hills Interior Design Knoxville

 A home for entertaining

This wonderful home has been the backdrop to hundreds of gatherings. The prominent Cazana family would host Knoxville's elite regularly. Droves of people attended, hundreds in fact. The remaining family member, Nick Cazana told me how he and his sister would dangle a fishing line over the Romeo & Juliet balconies to "catch" someones hat! His mother would be in the tiny kitchen cooking traditional Greek food for everyone to enjoy.

The new homeowners intent was to preserve the unique homes integrity as much as possible. There was a competition for the sale, but the other bidder wanted to remove the balconies and create a full second floor thus covering up the 20' brick fireplace and destroying the romance of the entire room. The home has now been lovingly restored to continue the tradition of gatherings, private parties and local neighborhood events.  

Romeo and Juliet Balcony Knoxville Tn Cast Iron balcony house balcony old house balcony spanish balcony romantic balcony knoxville tn

Living Room 

Dining Room 

Butler's Pantry